My First Week of OrthoK (cornea molding contacts)

Lens reshaping cornea

Today marks the end of my first week using OrthoK contact lenses.  If you recall from my previous post, OrthoK contact lenses are known by many names.  Essentially they are contact lenses that have a mold for 20/20 vision.  By wearing OrthoK contacts, your cornea will change its shape from let’s say 20/100 vision back towards 20/20 vision.

The following is a log of my prescription.

Day 0 (Prior to OrthoK):  -4.75DS.
Day 1 (Next morning): -3.00DS
Day 2 (second day of wear): -1.50DS
Days 3 & 4: -1.50DS
Days 5 & 6: -1.00DS
Day 7: -0.75DS
Day 8: -0.50DS
Day 9-12: plano

My prescription dropped by 1.50DS after only the first two days of wear, this gave me hope that I would be plano (0) with 3-4 days.  But, remember the higher your nearsightedness the longer it takes to reach plano in both eyes.  The expected outcome for moderate-high nearsightedness such as myself is 7-10 days; low nearsightedness (less than 2.00DS) 7 days, moderate  nearsightedness (2.00DS to 4.00DS) 7-10 days, and high nearsightedness (4.00DS to 6.00DS) 14 days.

Cleaning the OrthoK lenses has been slightly challenging and a change in my contact lens cleaning routine.  As a daily disposable contact lens wearer over the past 8 years, and not having to worry about cleaning contact lenses, this has been one of the more challenging aspects of using OrthoK lenses.  The first 3 days, I have been using traditional cleaning, disinfecting and storage solutions.  But, for my daily to OrthoK lens transition to be more smooth, I needed a different cleaning and disinfecting option.  This made me evaluate Peroxide cleaners.

Peroxide cleaners are great! The neutralizing disc at the bottom of the vial contains platinum and neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide.  It is crucial to leave your lens in the peroxide system for at least 6 hours.  By the end of this time, the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized to a gentle saline, and safe to directly insert the contacts into your eyes without rinsing with contact lens solution.  The two most popular peroxide systems are Alcon’s Clear Care and Bausch & Lomb’s PeroxiClear.

So far, my OrthoK experience has been great!  Thank you to Paragon Vision Sciences for the complimentary lenses so that I may speak of my personal experience and to Dr. Macali and Dr. Do who did a great job explaining, fitting and evaluating my eye health and vision on a daily basis.

**To learn more about OrthoK contact lenses visit Invision Eye Care and Macali Eye Clinic.**

**Next post: The third post in our OrthoK series – Everything you wanted to know about OrthoK lenses

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