My second week of OrthoK lenses

A recap of my first 12 days in OrthoKeratology lenses:

Day 0 (Prior to OrthoK):  -4.75DS.
Day 1 (Next morning): -3.00DS
Day 2 (second day of wear): -1.50DS
Days 3 & 4: -1.50DS
Days 5 & 6: -1.00DS
Day 7: -0.75DS
Day 8: -0.50DS
Day 9-12: plano

As OrthoK lenses and changes are reversible, my next 5 days of OrthoK lenses were dedicated to seeing how fast my eyes went back to my original prescription.

After 1 day of not wearing the lenses, my prescription was a -1.25D for the next 2 days. On the 3rd and 4th days my prescription was a -3.00D.  And on the 5th day, my prescription returned to my original prescription of -4.75D.

I feel that because I only wore the lenses for approximately 2 weeks, my eyes (corneas) did not have enough time to retain the shape of 20/20 corneas.  From my experience and colleagues’ experience the longer a patient wears the OrthoK lenses, the longer the effects stay with you.

Also, as a parent who wakes up at night to tend to a child’s need, I felt the OrthoK lenses took longer to give me 20/20 corneas.

So to wrap things up: I had an excellent experience and was amazed to see anywhere close to 20/20 without glasses for 10 hours (I was actually seeing 20/10-20/15). For me, I did not wear the OrthoK lenses long enough (ie. 1 month) to test the limits of the lenses.  But potential wearers must be mindful to obtain at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and to wear the lenses for at least a month for longer lasting effects. After 1 month, “spot” wearing can be experimented to see how many nights a week you need to wear the lenses to retain your 20/20 vision.

The OrthoK lenses are also a great option for dry eyes patients / sufferers, allergy sufferers, and others who require a glasses free or contact lens free solution during the day (athletes, factory workers, water related occupations / hobbies – ie. scuba diving).

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