Color contact lenses for everyone

Color contact lenses for everyone

Color contact lenses are cool! And yes, there is more than one brand or type.  If you have been told you cannot have color contact lenses, this may not be entirely true.

Based on your glasses prescription, a contact lens starting power is obtained.  Based on the parameters of the starting power, your Eye care provider (ECP) will let you know which color contact lenses are available. The three most popular color contact lenses on the market are:

  1. Acuvue Define (Vistakon) – a daily disposable contact lens.
  2. Freshlook 1 Day (Alcon) – a daily disposable contact lens.
  3. Air Optix Aqua Color (Alcon) – a monthly disposable contact lens.

The above are all cosmetic spherical lenses.  That is, they do not correct for astigmatism or presbyopia. If a spherical contact lens does not provide you with sufficient vision, than your ECP will likely tell you color contact lenses will not be your best option visually.

Custom designed color contact lenses.
Custom designed color contact lenses.

However, a popular trend is to design custom color contact lenses for patients.  Dr. Do and Dr. Huynh are experienced in fitting for all patients including custom astigmatism color contacts.  These lenses are fully customizable from the color, iris design, any underprints to give a more realistic appearance and the prescription.  Custom color contact lenses are an option for all patients including spherical, astigmatism, presbyopia, and can even relieve symptoms of light sensitivity, glare and photophobia, which are common complaints in patients with albinism, PTSD, concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Visit Invision Eye Care to learn more.  Click to see Dr. Do’s and Dr. Huynh’s bio.

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